About Us

Independent, Chartered Financial Adviser with 25 years’ experience

Investing is just the start. Alongside advice on investment management, we advise clients on a range of strategies and actions to grow and preserve their wealth.
Neil started in London before moving to Somerset in 2006. Neil founded Mayfield IM Ltd in 2012 to offer a new approach to financial advice and planning.

We keep business administration simple so that we can focus on our clients. We control and minimise costs, something which is key to growing our clients’ wealth.

Mayfield IM Ltd is wholly independent, privately owned and directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can see our registration here. We advise on and deal in a very wide range of financial products including simple deposit accounts and National Savings, pensions, ISAs, insurances as well as more complex arrangements. For some products such as mortgages and private health insurance we refer clients to a specialist adviser.